About Us


Darana Mehr Company (Private Joint Stock Company) was established as one of the subsidiaries of Safflower Industrial Group in line with the mission and values of the organization, with the aim of entering the beverage industry market, and officially started its activities in July 2017.

In this regard, the first product of Olife brand was introduced in November 2009 on the production site in Doab region of Mazandaran province. Also, the drinking water production plant in Nobaran industrial city in Hamadan province, due to having suitable benefits, including the appropriate amount of water for the company’s activity in the beverage industry, started operating in March 2017.


Olife brand’s mission is to “revitalize” healthy water and make it attractive to all compatriots in attractive packaging, as evidenced by its water-free microbial and harmful bacteria using advanced complete antimicrobial (FDS) technology.

With the slogan “Together for Life“, Darana Mehr Company is trying to continuously increase the capabilities, knowledge, and technology to benefit all sections of society from the God-given blessings of nature in the form of quality and desired products to satisfy and enjoy together. Experience more.